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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Here we are again turning the corner to winter.  The snow started falling this morning and it seemed like a good time to post an update.

We are rolling along here at Access Precision, having enjoyed a beautiful fall with warmer weather than usual.  We moved into our new production facility a number of months back and have been busy getting everything setup just how we want it.  The nice weather through the fall was a big help allowing us to get all the exterior projects completed.

Speaking of projects – we have a new large envelope CMM on order with delivery slated to occur before the end of the year.  The first round of training is underway with the second round scheduled for early December.  This is an important development for our company as we continue to strengthen our QA/QC functions and beef out our product verification/confirmation capabilities.  The CMM we ordered is a Zeiss ACCURA which has a measuring envelope of 1200X1800X800.

It has been a challenging year for a number of companies, particularly firms supplying the Oil and Gas industry.  We have held up alright through this time and have taken on more work for a variety of industry sectors including Aerospace, Marine, Engineering and Forestry.  Each industry segment presents different challenges and requirements. 

Thanks to the breadth of skill and knowledge within Access Precision Machining we have been able to take on these assignments and adapt our processes to ensure that our customer’s requirements are being met on a number of fronts including deliveries, quality and documentation.  The nature of our work is such that we need to be knowledgeable if not experts in each of our customer’s requirements and to further ensure that our systems adapt to ensure that all requirements are being met.

With the move to our new building we added some more high end machining centres including a new Mazak Integrex E670 – Mill Turn machine.  This is indeed a mighty machine with extraordinary capabilities.  We completed training back in the spring and have been thrilled with the machines performance.  Some of the parts we have run have some remarkably complex elements that we were able to produce within defined tolerances.  Hats off to the team that makes this machine go.

In addition we added a horizontal mill - Mazak HCN6000.  This machine further expands our compliment of milling capability.

We also put in an OMAX 120XS watercut table.  Training for this machine was again completed back in the late winter/spring of 2015.  This unit has seen quite a bit of work over the months and we are pleased to be able to offer still expanded services to our customers and to industry.

In conclusion we would like to wish everybody a warm and safe winter.  As always we are ready willing and able to assist with any of your manufacturing needs.


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