ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Tight Tolerance Machining

We specialize in components ranging from the difficult to the impossible. If your other machine vendors are struggling, we can find a way to produce parts at the quality level required

Production Machining

The same process we apply to your most difficult components can be applied to your production parts, allowing us to squeeze every bit of optimization and efficiency out of them.

Prototypes and R&D

It can be difficult to find a machine shop that will give your prototypes and one-offs the same attention as your high-volume production parts. APM loves the challenge associated with new designs and can help you get them to assembly, testing, and into the field as soon as possible.


We can help you take your current prototype designs through a full manufacturability assessment and suggest optimizations that will help ensure a successful product line launch.

Turn-Key Products

Looking for a finished product on a single PO without the hassle of coordinating multiple vendors? We can provide complete, turn-key components straight from raw material, production, material coatings/treatments, fabrication, assembly, and final testing.

Value Adds to our Customers

  • Quick Deliveries - We are typically in the 4-6 week range, a 2 week turn-around is achievable in special circumstances.
  • Material Access - We can typically have most material in from suppliers within  2-3 days but we also maintain a large stock of alloy steel, aluminum, and stainless as well as other specialty materials.
  • Stock and Draw Programs - We have the ability to build and stock larger runs of your regular production items to ensure you get the best pricing and delivery possible.
  • FOB to your Door - APM has excellent shipping rates and we have no issue completing cross-border shipments.
  • Product Documentation - Our deliveries are available with whatever level of documentation you require. A package containing material test reports, inspection reporst, post-processing certificates, and certificates of compliance are all available as standard.




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